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Mike Matzdorff is currently freelance editing -- recent work includes, Bob's Burgers, Superman DTV, Gods & Heroes and new amazingly funny, sharp and supercool Looney Tunes Shorts, just like the good ones you remember AND a couple Batman DTV Animated films (Long Halloween) at Warner Bros. He’s also a writer and sometimes director in Los Angeles. He currently has two screenplays in the hopper.


Mike was the first assistant editor on “Focus” – the first major film edited on Apple’s Final Cut X software and wrote a book on the experience loaded with real world tips, tricks, and proven workflow techniques. The book is listed on Apple’s Final Cut Pro X Resources page.

His other credits include: Fight Club, Analyze This, Last Comic Standing, 13 hours and an Emmy Award nominated season of Monk. He is an author, public speaker and post-production trailblazer.


Other recent work includes: Lego 2, Lego Ninjago, Middle School: Worst Years of My Life and the recent Deadpool Teaser at 20th Century Fox.

Find him on Twitter @mikematzdorff or @fcpxfeatures.



“Final Cut Pro X: Pro Workflow is a fast and fascinating read…it could easily be considered essential reading for anyone interested in the cutting edge of post production”

Jonny Elwyn

Film Editor

“Fantastic Book – Must Read By Anyone Interested In Larger, Complex Workflows, and fans”

Ben Balser

Final Cut Pro X Trainer,


“This book is an indispensable tool that all FCPX editors should read”

Adam Schoales

Film-maker, Editor


“What it does…is answer the critics who have said that Final Cut Pro X isn’t a professional tool”

Scott Simmons

Pro Video Coalition